Unlock Your Career Potential with Our Extensive Soft Skills Library

Elevate Your Personal and Professional Growth with Over 150 Essential Soft Skills Courses

Discover the transformative power of our Soft Skills Learning Suite, featuring more than 150 meticulously crafted courses. Our offerings are tailored to bolster both your personal and career aspirations. The curriculum covers vital skills ranging from effective communication and leadership prowess to mastering time management and collaborative teamwork.

With our engaging lesson structures, authentic case studies, and seasoned instructors, we provide an all-encompassing platform for individuals and corporations aiming to excel in today's increasingly complex and agile professional landscape.

Some of the skills you will learn in this library:

  • Emotional Intelligence: Gain insights into managing your emotions and understanding those of others, to create a harmonious work environment.
  • Strategic Thinking: Develop your ability to think strategically, making you an asset in decision-making processes.
  • ​Team Collaboration: Master the skills needed for effective teamwork, from conflict resolution to achieving common goals.
  • ​Time Management: Discover techniques to manage your time more efficiently, increasing productivity and reducing stress.
  • Leadership Qualities: Understand the key elements of impactful leadership and how to inspire others.
  • ​Effective Communication: Learn the art of conveying your ideas clearly and persuasively.

Unlock your full potential and thrive in your professional life with our comprehensive Soft Skills Learning Suite.

why should i join this soft skills library membership?

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Our courses encompass the entire HR landscape, offering you a holistic view of human resource management.
  • Modular Flexibility: Learn at your own pace with our 12-module courses, focusing on areas most relevant to your professional growth.
  • Practical Utility: Each course includes real-world scenarios and case studies to make your learning immediately applicable.
  • Expert-led Instruction: Benefit from seasoned HR professionals who impart valuable insights and best practices.
  • Continuous Updates: Stay ahead of industry trends with courses that are regularly updated to reflect the latest in HR practices.

What You Can Use These Skills For:

Efficient Office Management: Streamline procedures and increase efficiency in administrative tasks.

Enhanced Communication: Improve business writing and collaborative efforts for better internal and external communication.

Resource Optimization: Master supply chain management to optimize resource allocation and minimize waste.

Team Support: Provide effective support to executives and teams with improved organizational and meeting management skills.

Digital Fluency: Navigate the digital landscape of your workplace better with our course on social media in the workplace.

Master the Backbone of Office Operations with Our Comprehensive Administrative Skills Courses


The Administrative Skills suite in our Soft Skills Library is a one-stop solution for those who are keen to excel in the foundational aspects of office management and administration. With a collection of 12-module courses covering everything from accountability in the workplace to supply chain management, our curriculum is designed to equip you with the essential skills needed to navigate the complexities of administrative roles effectively.

  •  Accountability in the Workplace Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Administrative Office Procedures Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Administrative Support Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Archiving and Records Management Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Basic Bookkeeping Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Business Writing Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Collaborative Business Writing Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Executive and Personal Assistants Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Meeting Management Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Organizational Skills Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Social Media in the Workplace Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Supply Chain Management Course (12 Modules)

Accelerate Your Career Trajectory with Our Comprehensive Career Development Courses


The Career Development suite in our Soft Skills Library is designed to propel you to new heights in your professional journey. This specially curated set of 12-module courses covers a broad spectrum of skills—ranging from assertiveness and self-confidence to entrepreneurship and project management. Whether you're entering the job market, transitioning careers, or aiming for a promotion, these courses will equip you with the skills you need to excel.

  • ​Assertiveness and Self-Confidence Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Communication Strategies Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Creative Problem-Solving Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Developing Creativity Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Digital Citizenship Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Entrepreneurship Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Interpersonal Skills Course (12 Modules)
  • ​mLearning Essentials Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Negotiation Skills Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Personal Branding Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Project Management 6th Edition Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Telework and Telecommuting Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Ten Soft Skills You Need Course (12 Modules)
  • ​The Cloud and Business Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Time Management Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Women in Leadership Course (12 Modules)

What You Can Use These Skills For:

Career Advancement: Use your newfound skills in project management, negotiation, and interpersonal communication to advance in your current role.

Entrepreneurial Ventures: Leverage the entrepreneurship course to start your own business or side hustle.

Personal Branding: Establish a strong online and offline brand to stand out in the competitive job market.

Leadership Roles: Utilize your skills in assertiveness, self-confidence, and women in leadership to take on more managerial roles.

Remote Work: Master the art of telework and telecommuting to adapt to the modern, flexible workplace.

What You Can Use These Skills For:

Strategic HR Management: Implement effective hiring strategies, talent management, and succession planning.

Inclusive Work Environment: Utilize our courses on diversity and inclusion, sensitivity training, and unconscious bias to create a more inclusive workplace.

Employee Development: Master the arts of employee onboarding, training, and wellness to boost productivity and retention.

Risk Mitigation: Learn how to manage workplace harassment and violence, ensuring a safe and harmonious environment.

Compliance and Legalities: Understand contract management and employee termination processes to ensure that your organization stays compliant with laws and regulations.

Elevate Your HR Expertise with Our Comprehensive Human Resources Courses


The Human Resources suite in our Soft Skills Library is your ultimate resource for mastering the diverse facets of HR management. From business succession planning and contract management to diversity, inclusion, and workplace safety, our 12-module courses offer in-depth knowledge and actionable strategies. Whether you are an HR professional looking to deepen your expertise or a manager aiming to better understand HR functions, these courses are tailored to empower you.

  • ​Business Succession Planning Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Contract Management Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Crisis Management Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Developing s Lunch and Learn Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Diversity and Inclusion Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Employee Onboarding Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Employee Recruitment Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Employee Termination Processes Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Generation Gaps Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Health and Wellness at Work Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Hiring Strategies Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Human Resource Management Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Managing Workplace Harassment Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Measuring Results From Training Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Millennial Onboarding Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Office Health and Safety Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Sensitivity Training Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Talent Management Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Train the Trainer Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Unconscious Bias Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Universal Safety Practices Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Workplace Diversity Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Workplace Harassment Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Workplace Violence Course (12 Modules)

Become a Transformational Leader with Our Comprehensive Management Courses


The Management Roles suite in our Soft Skills Library is specially curated for current and aspiring managers looking to lead with confidence and efficacy. Our 12-module courses cover a multitude of key areas, such as coaching and mentoring, performance management, and virtual team building. Whether you're a first-time supervisor or an experienced leader seeking to refine your skills, these courses will empower you to excel in your managerial role.

  • Coaching and Mentoring Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Conducting Annual Employee Reviews Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Developing a Lunch and Learn Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Employee Motivation Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Employee Recruitment Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Facilitation Skills Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Knowledge Management Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Measuring Results From Training Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Office Health and Safety Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Performance Management Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Self-Leadership Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Sensitivity Training Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Supervising Others Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Team Building Through Chemistry Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Telework and Telecommuting Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Trust Building and Resilience Development Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Unconscious Bias Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Virtual Team Building and Management Course (12 Modules)

What You Can Use These Skills For:

Effective Leadership: Apply coaching, mentoring, and self-leadership skills to guide your team towards success.

Operational Excellence: Improve your performance management and facilitation skills for smoother daily operations.

Team Cohesion: Utilize team-building and virtual management courses to create a more cohesive and productive team.

Inclusive Management: Use our sensitivity training and unconscious bias courses to foster an inclusive work environment.

Remote Work Adaptability: Master the art of managing remote teams with our telework, telecommuting, and virtual team-building courses.

What You Can Use These Skills For:

Improved Relationships: Use your emotional and social intelligence to build stronger, more meaningful relationships in all areas of life.

Career Growth: Apply skills like public speaking, attention management, and taking initiative to excel in your professional endeavors.

Personal Well-being: Manage stress, increase your happiness, and find a healthier work-life balance.

Financial Security: Leverage courses like managing personal finances to gain financial independence and security.

Self-Mastery: Use courses in mindfulness, self-awareness, and goal setting to gain a better understanding of yourself and to achieve your life goals.

Unlock Your Full Potential with Our Comprehensive Personal Development Courses


Our Personal Development suite in the Soft Skills Library is your gateway to a more fulfilling life, both personally and professionally. With a rich selection of 12-module courses, we cover a wide range of topics—from managing personal finances and stress management to improving mindfulness and emotional intelligence. Whether you're looking to enhance your interpersonal skills or find a better work-life balance, our courses are tailored to help you achieve your individual goals.

  • Adult Learning - Mental Skills Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Adult Learning - Physical Skills Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Anger Management Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Attention Management Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Being a Likeable Boss Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Critical Thinking Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Developing Emotional Intelligence Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Emotional Intelligence Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Emotional Intelligence at Work Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Goal Setting and Getting Things Done Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Improving Mindfulness Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Improving Self-Awareness Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Increasing Your Happiness Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Job Search Skills Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Life Coaching Essentials Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Managing Personal Finances Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Managing Workplace Anxiety Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Personal Productivity Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Public Speaking Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Social Learning Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Social Intelligence Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Stress Management Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Taking Initiative Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Trust Building and Resilience Development Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Work-Life Balance Course (12 Modules)

Amplify Your Sales and Marketing Success with Our Comprehensive Courses


The Sales & Marketing suite in our Soft Skills Library is designed to elevate your expertise in two of the most dynamic fields in business. With courses featuring 12 modules each, you’ll gain in-depth insights into everything from mastering the art of the sale and building high-performance teams to effective marketing strategies and public relations. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a newcomer to sales and marketing, our courses will help you sharpen your skills and achieve your business goals.

  • Trade Show Staff Training Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Top 10 Sales Secrets Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Telephone Etiquette Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Social Media Marketing Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Servant Leadership Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Sales Fundamentals Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Prospecting and Lead Generation Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Proposal Writing Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Presentation Skills Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Overcoming Sales Objectives Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Multi-Level Marketing Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Motivating Your Sales Team Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Media and Public Relations Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Marketing Basics Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Internet Marketing Fundamentals Course (12 Modules)
  • ​In Person Sales Course (12 Modules)
  • ​High Performance Teams Remote Workforce Course (12 Modules)
  • ​High Performance Teams Inside the Company Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Event Planning Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Employee Recognition Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Creating a Great Webinar Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Contact Center Training Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Coaching Salesperson Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Call Center Training Course (12 Modules)
  • ​Body Language Basics Course (12 Modules)

What You Can Use These Skills For:

Boost Sales: Utilize our sales fundamentals, prospecting, and lead generation courses to significantly boost your sales figures.

Effective Marketing: Leverage social media and internet marketing courses to maximize your brand’s online presence.

Team Leadership: Use courses like motivating your sales team and high-performance teams to foster a productive work environment.

Customer Engagement: Enhance customer interaction with courses focused on telephone etiquette and call center training.

Business Communication: Improve your proposal writing and presentation skills to effectively communicate your business ideas.

What You Can Use These Skills For:

Conflict Management: Acquire effective conflict resolution skills to maintain harmony and productivity in your workplace.

Customer Relations: Enhance your customer service and support abilities to improve client satisfaction and loyalty.

Ethical Conduct: Use our courses on business ethics and corporate behavior to foster a culture of integrity and respect.

Safety Measures: Implement best practices for workplace safety and cyber security to protect both personnel and data.

Team Building: Utilize our team-building courses to cultivate a cohesive and high-performing team.

Master the Core Skills for a Thriving Work Environment with Our Workplace Essentials Courses


The Workplace Essentials suite in our Soft Skills Library offers a robust curriculum designed to cultivate the fundamental skills required in any professional setting. With an array of 12-module courses, we cover crucial topics like business ethics, conflict resolution, customer service, and cyber security. Whether you're a manager looking to improve your team's performance or an individual aiming to excel in your role, these courses provide the foundational knowledge to create a positive and efficient work environment.

  • Appreciative Inquiry Course (12 Modules)
  • Business Acumen Course (12 Modules)
  • Business Ethics Course (12 Modules)
  • Business Etiquette Course (12 Modules)
  • Change Management Course (12 Modules)
  • Civility in the Workplace Course (12 Modules)
  • Conflict Resolution Course (12 Modules)
  • Customer Service Course (12 Modules)
  • Customer Support Course (12 Modules)
  • Cyber Security Course (12 Modules)
  • Delivering Constructive Criticism Course (12 Modules)
  • Developing Corporate Behavior Course (12 Modules)
  • Handling a Difficult Customer Course (12 Modules)
  • Networking Outside the Company Course (12 Modules)
  • Networking Within The Company Course (12 Modules)
  • Respect in the Workplace Course (12 Modules)
  • Responsibility In the Workplace Course (12 Modules)
  • Risk Assessment and Management Course (12 Modules)
  • Safety in the Workplace Course (12 Modules)
  • Team Building for Managers Course (12 Modules)
  • Teamwork and Team Building Course (12 Modules)


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